Agricultural Meteorology is the applied branch of meteorology, which deals with the relationship between climate, weather and life and growth of the cultivated plants and animals.Agricultural meteorology is closely allied to biology, soil science, geography and the agricultural sciences. An applied discipline that studies meteorological, climate and hydrological conditions they relate to agricultural production. Many benefits result from the application of meteorological services to agriculture. The productivity of a region or of a particular enterprise may be increased by the reduction of many kinds of loss resulting from unfavourable climate and weather. The application of meteorology to agriculture is essential, since every aspect of agricultural activity depends on the weather.

Every farm operation such as ploughing, harrowing, land preparation, weeding, irrigation, manuring, spraying, dusting, harvesting, threshing, storage and transport of farm produce are affected by weather. So, weather forecast is helpful for suitable planning of farm. It helps in to undertake or withheld the sowing operation, when to apply fertilizer or not,whether to start complete harvesting or to withhold it. It helps in transportation and storage of food grains. Helps in management of cultural operations like ploughing, harrowing, hoeing etc.

To check crop health and growth performance of a crop, suitable meteorological tools such as crop growth models is required. The scope of Agricultural  Meteorology can be illustrated through the following few applications such as Characterization of agricultural climate, Crop planning for stability in production, Crop Monitoring, Crop modeling and yield-climate relationship, Research in crop-climate relationship, Climate extremities, Climate as a tool to diagnose soil moisture stress, Livestock production. The Agrometeorology observatory has been established by purchasing essential meteorological instruments which were approved by India Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune.

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