The Department of Entomology offers courses of Entomology at UG for B.Sc Agriculture. Lecture Halls are well equipped and furnished with modern facilities including LCD projector screen and computer. Students and faculty members are benefitted with the book club having collection of books.


1.  To teach Agricultural Entomology in graduate degree programme.
2.  To catalogue crop pests and their natural enemies and productive insects.
3.  To disseminate IPM technologies to the farming community through various  
     extension functionaries.


Courses offered by the Department:

U.G. courses=4 courses

Laboratory facilities

The department has got very spacious undergraduate laboratory, which can occupy 30 students at a time to work freely. The laboratory is equipped with sufficient student microscopes, binocular microscopes, different models and illustration charts to impart practical training to undergraduate students. The department has also got a well maintained museum having specimens of majority of the crop pests. This has helped the students to get acquainted for identification of most of the insect pests.

Farmer services

Damaged plants of various crops brought by the farmers or extension functionaries working in the Government or NGO’s are examined for diagnosis and measures for control of pest is suggested.

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