Agronomy is a branch of agricultural science, which deals with principles, & practices of soil, water & crop management. Principles of agronomy deal with scientific facts in relations to environment in which crops are produced. We generate and apply knowledge about plants that feed and benefit humankind. Agronomy is a main branch of Agriculture. It is synthesis of several disciplines like soil science, Agricultural chemistry, crop physiology, plant ecology, biochemistry and economics. We find and implement answers to problems and opportunities concerning efficiency and sustainability of crop production and in safe and environmentally sound ways. We study the interactions among cropping systems, climate, and the environment.

  • Identification of proper season for cultivation of wide range of crops
  • Ways to reduce the cost of cultivation and maximize the yield and economic returns.
  • Application of optimum fertilizers in scientific way.
  • Application of herbicides to control of weeds in event of non-availability of labours.
  • Water is becoming limiting factor day to day hence Agronomy answer to the questions ‘how much to apply?’ and ‘when to apply?’.
  • Intensive cropping is the need of the day and proper time and space intensification not to increase the production.
  • Standardization of packages of practices for different varieties of crops is dealt in agronomy

The department offers courses at Graduate in Introductory Agriculture, crop production, Rainfed farming & sustainable agriculture, organic farming, water management and weed management. In addition to this, the department will be useful for extension work. Farmers in Beed district will be advised for new technology in agriculture to increase yield of crops through field visit & shetkari melawas

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