Diploma in Agricutlural Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI)


  1. Orientation of input dealers on location-specific crop production technologies of broad-based agriculture with reference to field problems 
  2. Building the capacity of input dealers in efficient handling of Inputs 
  3. To impart knowledge about the laws governing regulation of agricultural Inputs 
  4. To make input dealers an effective source of farm information at the village level (one stop shop) for the farmers

Course Structure
Duration: The program is spread over a period of 48 weeks with 40 classroom sessions and 08 field visits.

Module-wise Coverage of Theory and Practical Sessions.

Eligibility Criteria for Candidates
The course is open to all the practicing input dealers, who have appeared at least for 10th standard exam, and to candidates sponsored by the input  Agencies/agribusiness companies/agri-cooperatives etc.

For more information visit to DAESI website