Department of Plant Pathology

    Recently, the world had witnessed the pandemic spread of COVID -19 disease in Humans. Similarly, plant diseases can extremely affect the wealth & health of humans.    Since prehistoric era plant diseases are known to be the main constrain in agriculture which causes not only the tremendous losses in the economy of farmers but killed the billions of peoples due to starvation. Stream of agriculture science which studies the diseases and disorders in plants is recognized as Plant Pathology. The disease can be described as any abnormal functioning of the physiological or biological processes of plant body caused by disease-causing infectious agents which gradually leads to the death of plants. This infectious causal agent may be a fungus, bacterium, virus, or a parasitic flowering plant. Courses related to these life cycles of these agents in different agronomic field crops, vegetable crops, ornamental crops, horticultural crops, and floricultural crops are taught during the tenure of B.Sc.(Agri.) the degree program in the department of plant pathology. During the course program not only actual practices of identifying the various diseases and disorders on the field, their nature of spread, & remedial measures are taught to the students but also their practical isolation in the laboratory is carried out too.

    This department is also continuously engaged in the popularization of new technology among remote areas of Beed district trough different extension activities.