Department of Agricultural Engineering


In this department, the students will learn about the following aspects of Agricultural Engineering

Mechanization of farm operations- This provides solutions to such problems as- Labour shortage, Low input use efficiency, Untimeliness of farm operations and climate change, etc.

Protected cultivation technologies- Evolution of protected cultivation technologies such as polyhouse and greenhouse cultivation in order to overcome climate change (climate-resilient agriculture), engineering aspects for construction, material requirement and plant response to the protected environment

Renewable energy harnessing - Efficient utilization of biomass as well as all other renewable energy resources in order to fulfill global energy demand, different techniques to avoid air and water pollution, rural industrialization.

Land and water management- Land management includes surveying and leveling of land in order to develop it for the ever-increasing demand for food globally. Water management aims to increase the water use efficiency through different modern irrigation techniques, water harnessing technologies for heavy rains in a short time due to climate change, estimate the precise water requirement and application schedule.

Agriculture processing and equipment - It includes Pre-harvest treatments, modern techniques for safe and timely harvesting, food grains cleaning and grading techniques, pre-cooling operations, and cold storage, safe transport and handling techniques, and value addition to main and byproducts.