Department of Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Economics studies the link between agriculture and economy. Agriculture can't be ruled out in the any economy (be it input, farm or processing level)                                              

It is an applied social science that deals with how producers, consumers and societies use scarce resources in the production, processing, marketing and consumption of food and fiber products.

Importance of Agricultural Economics:-. 1. Agricultural Economics finds to seek relevance between cause and effect in agriculture. 2. It uses theoretical concepts of economics to provide answers to the problems of agriculture and agribusiness.                             

3. Agricultural Economists here have to play a major role in understanding the complication involved in the foundation systems.                  

Job Opportunities: - Exist in many areas, including agribusiness management, finance, policy, natural resource management and economic development. Further options includes:- 1) Real estate agent  2) Professor 3) Commodities broker 4) Farm manager 5) Public relations specialist